One of a kind art for every kind of person.


We thrive on making each painting unique and beautiful in it’s own way, no 2 pieces are alike thanks to our unique painting approach. The only way our artworks come together is with patience, chemical knowledge, teamwork and experience.


High quality varnish coating

Not one FLÖDE painting leaves our shop without a high quality varnish finish. This Varnish protects the painting from dust and other harming elements while brightening the original colors and strengthening the intensity of our art.

The signature stamp on every painting

All our pieces are marked with our easy recognizable 3D signature. The handpainted “Ö” is a brand trademark as well as a quality guarantee.

Blends with your interior

Although each painting has it’s on flow, there are a lot of elements that we can customize to your liking. Go visit our custom page so we can create the painting of your interior dreams.

About Us

Paint, not print.

Flöde was founded by a young creative couple whose big wish in life is to make real art more accessible to like minded people. Paintings shouldn’t be a privilege but a right for those who have a connection to art.


What started as pillow talk evolved into a small Antwerp based business where they work hard everyday to make unique high quality paintings and to make them available for those who never knew it was an option to implement something other than a thirteen in a dozen print into their home.


How to get a FLÖDE?

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