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Choose the shape

The only limit is your imagination, want to make a beehive of hexagons? We’ll make it work. Rather have a traditional rectangle? We got you.

Select size of your canvas

Whether you prefer a big ass painting that covers your entire wall or rather a small perfect addition to your gallery wall, we’ll find a match for you.

Matte or gloss varnish?

Although we coat all our shop pieces in high quality matte varnish that doesn’t mean we’re going to limit your choice. Through experience we noticed that a glossy varnish needs a certain kind of lighting to show off it’s true colours.

Ultimate beauty lies on the inside but why not make the outside count as well!



Time to color match!

To perfectly fit your unique interior taste we use a tool that captures the main colors of your interior. Just upload a picture of your choice and we’ll send you back some color swatches.

Don’t have a picture or in need of some eyecatching colors? You can always upload an inspiration picture or just describe what kind of colors you prefer in the comments!

Can't make up your mind?

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Let us know if you are having trouble uploading your interior on the chat module on the bottom right corner.


Prices are based on the size of the work and the materials used.

Be aware that these prices are average examples for custom art and can be different from the order u make.

Example prices:

Rectangle 80x60cm  -  €350

Square 50x50cm  -  €230

Square 29x29cm  -  €60

Circle 50x50cm  -  €250

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